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Since I was very small, I have participated in several sports.  I started hockey at the age of 6, then switched over to judo for several years and finally came back to hockey again. 

At the same time, I have always taken part in several other disciplines which I enjoy, such as climbing, cycle racing, squash, futsal, crossfit… and of course running. 

I discovered this discipline when doing orienteering with my godfather and I have never stopped since! Whether it be for my physical preparation or for my own personal pleasure, I have been running for 15 years.

The 5 years which I spent working in a travel agency, where I guided groups, also gave me the opportunity to discover another passion: the mountain and trekking.

It was therefore common sense that made me decide to make running and trekking my profession.


Route :

  • 3x 15km WSL
  • 10x 20km de Bruxelles
  • 5x semi-marathon de Bruxelles
  • Marathon de Bruxelles
  • 10km de l’ULB
  • 5 miles de LLN
  • Marathlon COIB (par équipe)
  • Corrida de Bruxelles

Trail :

  • 2x Bouillonnante
  • 2x Primavera
  • Trail du Samson
  • La Chouffe Trail
  • Trail de Bruxelles
  • Trail des Carrières Gesves
  • Ecotrail de Bruxelles
  • Transgrancanaria (DNF…aie !)

Trekking :

  • Désert du Siroua
  • Vallée du Draa
  • Météores et Mont Pélion
  • 100km Oxfam Trailwalker