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Ever since he was small, sport has always been a large part of Diego’s life. Over the years he played tennis, climbing, football and athletics. Having played so many different sports, he was amply able to find what he loved most. For the last eight years, he added trail running to his list of passions.

Not being able to put his sports-life aside he decided to follow a motor sciences degree at the ULB and finished with a specialization in physical preparation.

Having spent many years dedicating his life to running, he first got into trail-running because of his father. Every year he takes on many different trails, progressively lengthening the distances. He loves above all, nature, long voyages, discovery, and adventure. All these values are essential in trail running along with respect, helping others and authenticity. It is why his next challenge will be the Half Marathon des Sables in 2021.

Trying to develop his trait even further he signed up for the Trail running degree at the UCLouvain.

Parallelly, he also bikes on the road in a Brussels based club. This sport allows him to optimize his training sessions, on top of running and strength training. He also dedicates his time to the physical preparation of the Nivelles hockey club and individual coachings.

Constantly listening to people, Diego looks to ally his passion with his profession, to always share his passion, knowledge and experience with more and more people.